I'm sure you've seen Sam Rader, but if not, earlier this month he surprised his wife with a positive pregnancy test and the video went viral.

Of course you've heard a lot about this Ashley Madison thing, and it's safe to say we are closer to the beginning of this madness than the end.

It looks like Rader had an account on the site that encourages adultery.

Reports show the YouTuber made two payments of $189 to the site in September of 2013, the same month his second daughter was born. He then cancelled his account in November.

News broke on Friday, immediately Rader had a video on YouTube entitled, "FORGIVEN", almost as if he knew it was coming.

In the video, Rader appeared with his wife Nia and they basically disclosed that the whole situation is not a surprise and that Nia has already forgiven Sam. He said he opened the account out of "sinful curiosity".

Despite this, he still showed up at a blogging conference on Saturday. Then, he got KICKED OUT after he getting into it with another blogger for writing mean stuff about him.