The nominees for the 2012 Emmys were announced Thursday morning, and although there were a few new names thrown into the mix ("American Horror Story", "Downton Abbey"), along with the usual suspects ("Mad Men"), there were a few shocking snubs.

"Community": For the third season in a row, this critically acclaimed but low-rated series failed to show in the Best Comedy category. It did, however, score a nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, as did "Parks and Recreation", which was also shut out of the Best Comedy category.

"The Office": A lot of people feel that this show has suffered in many ways due to the departure of Steve Carell, which may explain why this show failed to nab a single nomination this year.

"Sons of Anarchy": It's simple...big, hairy bikers make Academy voters poop their pants.

"Justified": Who doesn't love badass lawman Raylan Givens? This one keeps flying under the radar every season, although Jeremy Davies got an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series as Dickie Bennett.

Hugh Laurie ("House"): He's been nominated six times, but has never won; this year was his last shot, but he failed to score a nomination.

Who do you think got the shaft this year?