I guess the saying is true... No matter what you need on your smartphone... There's an app for that.

If your a parent of a kid old enough to have a phone, you know the struggle of trying to keep track of your kiddo. He/She goes out with friends and whats the main rule?

Call and check in when you get a chance!

Of course kids are horrible at doing this. Chances are, instead of calling you they are tweeting, facebooking, and posting selfies on Instagram.

What if you could change that?

What if you could make sure your kid calls you back. A mom in Houston will be a millionaire, I promise you. She's invented an app called "Ignore No More."

Basically, if you call your child, and they don't answer or call you back, you can lock their phone until they call you.  Pretty amazing, right??

The app costs $1.99 and is only avail;able to android users. Apple doesn't allow you to lock someone else's phone... Clearly they support kids ignoring their parents!