With worldwide sales of more than 20 million and counting, Adele‘s ’21′ is one of the biggest success stories from a rather depressing decade in the music industry — but the folks who run her label are betting there are even more people waiting to buy the album, and they’re reportedly getting ready to prove it with a deluxe reissue that could help her shatter a UK chart record.

An anonymous source tells the Daily Star that XL Recordings will issue an expanded ’21′ in time for Christmas. “A repackaged album is currently being discussed,” quotes the paper. “It’s not yet confirmed that it will feature new material or songs that didn’t make the original album but it makes sense to bring it out.”

As the Daily Star notes, ’21′ is currently fifth on the all-time UK album sales tally, with 4.3 million copies sold — spitting distance from Queen‘s ‘Greatest Hits,’ the current champ at six million units. The article speculates that the label is confident that a few bonus tracks is all it’ll take to push the album the extra mile — and given the sales boosts recently enjoyed by double-dippers like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna, that seems like a pretty safe bet.

Still, until an official announcement is made, this news is worth taking with a grain of salt; Adele’s been the focus of plenty of rumors lately, and reports have had her doing everything from taking a five-year hiatus to recording the theme song to the next James Bond movie. All we know for sure is that ’21′ is still sitting pretty on the Billboard charts (where it’s currently at a healthy No. 4 in its 63rd week of release), and with or without bonus tracks, that seems unlikely to change any time soon.