For the last few years, I have had a very tight circle of friends. It consists of me, a friend I knew from High School that I was reunited with at a miserable job and friends we somehow either had known about or heard of independently...before we were reunited. She's the sister I never had and I spent almost every day with her for 2 of the last 3 years.

It never fails, but we always have an adventure- even when we don't plan on it. Like the time we went to Wendy's for a late night Frosty and the guy said we must want a date with him because we obviously have a taste for chocolate (frosties... yeah... we were speechless too).

Anyway, so one of our friends decided to take a trip last week. I am the only one of us who has a GPS. I was told that we needed to go to the Kilgore Airport...which I didn't know existed, but I don't know much about East Texas, so, I was up for some much needed friend time. I offered to ride along and be the proverbial Ponce de Leon.

She met me when I got off work, and we drove to his house. As he put the suitcase in her car, he asked if we could make a pit stop to the DMV. Ok, so this was the DAY before Thanksgiving at 3pm, and his flight left at 5:45…and he has to check in an hour ahead of time. We knew it was at least an hour and a half drive and when has the DMV ever been in the same sentence as pit stop? Apparently, he hadn’t received his license renewal in the mail yet and didn’t realize it until we were about to hit the road. Awesome.

So, we go to the DMV, and I check in on Facebook at the Women of Power Hair Salon claiming to have just spotted Shera and Wonder Woman…when we realize that the only way to get out of this mess is for him to get an ID card. It was a mess, and the most ridiculous part about it was some dude that had his jeans tucked into his ropers, who was also wearing a white sweater jacket that had the collar pulled up to his ears and he kept asking to retake his picture while adjusting his collar every time. For some reason that irrationally irritated me, I guess because a dude primping for a picture more than I do makes me feel like less of a woman, but whatever.

Anyway, so, I type “Kilgore Airport” in my Bionic’s GPS and off we go. At some point we realize that maybe getting those Route 44’s at Sonic before the road trip was also a bad idea, since there was no time to stop… but that’s a whole other story that probably shouldn’t be posted on this site. lol

About an hour into it, we take an exit and it looks like it’s pretty much going to be a straight shot. Then, we turn into a residential area. As we dodge the chiwawas, we end up on this gravel road next to a mobile home that is claiming to be another hair salon. It was then that I realized we were on Airport Rd in Kilgore. A crop duster flies low and by the time the woman in the hair salon comes out side because her dog was going crazy about us being on this dead end road that lead to a field that had some sort of hanger in it… it became apparent that the airport that was taking him to Dallas, was in fact, in Longview.

REALLY?! So, like I’m told it’s in a COMPLETELY different TOWN which HAPPENS to have a po-dunk airport at the edge of a field next to the mobile home hair salon next to Airport Rd? Seriously?!?!

Yeah, so, thankfully, the REAL airport was just a short distance away. And we ended up there about 20 minutes before the plane was about to take off. And we drove home in silence eating vanilla wafers wondering what we were doing with our life. Well, ok, that’s actually the ending of a different adventure.