I had an epiphany this morning and I'm pretty sure you will too. Goldy the Gopher and Mr. Woodchuck look eerily similar.

Goldy the Gopher is the mascot for the University of Minnesota. He entertains fans of young and old at countless sporting events. Mr. Woodchuck was a television star on the popular 90s sitcom, "Full House." He dazzled kids on a show-within-a-show called "The Legend of Ranger Joe" with his partner and castmate Joey Gladstone (played by Dave Coulier).

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Are these two related?

My epiphany about their relationship came this morning while watching "Mike & Mike" on ESPN. Their desk is always covered with various bobbleheads. This morning, Goldy made an appearance on Golic's side. It took me a few minutes to realize that this was Goldy and not Mr. Woodchuck.

For a moment I contemplated Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg being "Full House" fans and furthermore, fans of Joey Gladstone. I thought about them having marathon watch parties with their kids. Could it be? After putting my glasses on, I saw the Minnesota jersey.

Pretend with me for a second. Imagine that Goldy the bobble head had a little more hair on the top of his head... and BOOM! It's Mr. Woodchuck.

Now let's not get too technical about the differences between actual gophers and woodchucks. I'm not claiming to be an Animal Planet expert. However, the cartoon versions of these animals certainly look alike.

Don't you agree?

Here's the "Legend of Ranger Joe" theme song: