On the way to work today, I realized 2011 has really been a great year for Adam Levine. Die hard Maroon 5 fans have always known about Adam... Women the world over have fallen in love with his sultry tones on Sunday Morning and the angst of She Will Be Loved.  Add in Maroon 5 staples like This Love, Makes Me Wonder, Misery, Wake Up Call and their latest, Moves Like Jagger featuring Christina Aguilera and you've got a lead singer that inspires some seriously worshipful female fans. And that my friends is why I decided to list all the reasons why Adam Levine is on my personal list... Come on! You know about the list! And yes, I am married, but my husband has a list, too. Demi Moore tops his list. He had his chance when she was in the SBC a few years ago, he just didn't capitolize on the opportunity. Not saying that I would either, but a girl can dream!

  • Adam Levine has two songs in the iTunes Top 10

    As of today, Adam has two songs in the iTunes Top 10. In a world where people 'get' free music all the time, you know that if people take the time and money to buy it, they really, really like it! Moves Like Jagger featuring Christina Aguilera is currently sitting at number three on iTunes and his song with the Gym Class Heroes, Stereo Hearts, is at number 7! Having two songs in the Top 10 is a HUGE accomplishment!

  • Adam has the number one song in the USA!

    According to Mediabase, Adam Levine has the number one song in the country with Moves Like Jagger featuring Christina Aguilera. This isn't just the pop chart, this is the chart featuring all genres of music, from polka to country! He's also featured in the number 7 song overall, Gym Class Heroes Stereo Hearts. What this means is that out of all the radio stations in the country monitored by Mediabase, he's on the first and seventh most played songs! Talk about some serious ear canal penetration!

  • Adam is fresh off the first season of NBC's The Voice

    The Voice was a huge part of NBC's line up earlier this year and it was confirmed for a second season in May 2011 based on that success. Adam along with the other super star Voice judges, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green wowed audiences and showcased the most unlikely talent. In fact, Adam was the coach for this year's winner of The Voice, Javier Colon. The Voice will return to NBC February 5, 2012 following Super Bowl XLVI. 

    Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez
  • Adam Has Heart

    Earlier this year, Adam took it all off to promote testicular cancer awareness. Yep, he stripped for a centerfold in Cosmopolitan UK's February 2011 issue. He (and Maroon 5) have also teamed up with Snapple in the past to create a new line, Tea Will Be Loved, to benefit the hunger relief organization Feeding America.   

  • He's HOT!

    You can't deny the hotness of Adam Levine. He's literally smokin' hot. If you'd like to debate this, my email is erinbristol@townsquaremedia.com. I welcome all challengers!

    Getty Images/Stephen Lovekin