Did we just become best friends? I think we did! The last time I talked this much about myself, I was competing in my hometown "Miss" pageant. Although not crowned queen, I was first runner up... #PrincessLifeForever. (I guess I should warn you that I'm as sarcastic as they come.) I'm a true blonde with a Texas heart, California soul and New York mind. I'm the wife of a man who doesn't know he's out of my league. Also, I'm a personal assistant to a seven-pound Morkiepoo who owns 51% of my social media accounts. I stumbled into broadcast after my dreams of professional softball fell short. I can honestly say that I dodged a bullet. Fame, championships, physical prowess? Nah, I wanna be a radio DJ! But seriously, radio has given me the opportunity to create wonderful experiences for others and the chance to meet/interview some highly influential people like Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, Ed Sheeran, Eli Manning, Elizabeth Hurley, Ludacris and more. I honestly never imagined this life for me and I pinch myself daily. Thank you, thank you for the chance to spend time with you each day!