Hey, I'm Jess! I can't even begin to tell you how honored I am to do what I do in Shreveport-Bossier! I've lived in a few places in my day; San Diego, Waco, New York City, but I am stoked to call #TheSBC my home! Don't let my classy, sophisticated appearance (yeah, I wish) fool you, I'm a tomboy at heart. I could sit here and tell you I love pop culture, sports, a good glass of wine, working out, blah blah blah... But it all boils down to these things, I am as cheesy as they come, I believe love and laughter are the greatest medicine, and I speak fluent sarcasm. Simple, right? I never want to be labeled as "that girl on the radio", but rather your friend who gabs and gossips with you in the car. P.S. this works significantly better if you talk back. Remember, I'm always just a phone call away (320-9436). Mmkay?