If you're looking for a time waster at work... try a website full of photos and video of awesome people hanging out together.  It's a great way to see, well... awesome people hanging out with other awesome people.

The blogger for this site simply posts pics (and sometimes vids) of celebrities from every corner of celebrity-dom appearing together in what has to be unusual circumstances.  Apparently a new photo is posted every couple of days.  The best part to me, is that there is no explanation why the celebrities featured in each photo have come together... which just leaves it up to our imaginations.

For instance...

Why are Oprah and Dwight from the Office hugging it up?

Why is Sting the most outrageously dressed celeb in a photo with both Gaga and Elton John?

Did Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Kid Cudi and Tyler the Creator go to Homecoming together and I just missed it?

Visit Awesome People Hanging Out Together for yourself... and get nothing done at work today.

The photos are searchable by names and genres of fame, there is even an archive of photos.