Remember when Beyonce decided she didn't want any potentially ugly pictures of herself on the Internet so she tried to ban photography at her concerts? Well, Mrs. Carter took her hard-line stance a little further when she yelled at a fan in the middle of a show to put away their camera phone.

It happened during Beyonce's concert in Atlanta, Georgia when the "Single Ladies" singer noticed a fan capturing her performance of "Irreplaceable" with a cell phone camera. Beyonce was attempting to get the audience involved by letting them sing into her mic and wasn't too pleased by the audience member's diverted attention.

"You can't even sing because you're too busy taping," Beyonce told the fan after he flubbed the 'to the left, to the left' refrain, adding: "You gotta see this moment and put the damn camera down!"

The audience cheered Beyonce's comment and the amateur cameraman snapped in line and sung much better the second time. It was done playfully, so it's hard to hold it against her. Plus, she sort of had a point.

You can watch the video of Beyonce telling a fan to put his camera down below.