As if we don't have enough reasons to love Adam Sandler...

Here's Grady! A young boy recently diagnosed with leukemia. He doesn't wish for much, but if he could have his dream day, it would involve Adam Sandler.

Grady posted a video onto YouTube asking Adam Sandler to join him in a low-key barbeque with his family. He claimed to be Adam's #1 fan and that if he joined him at a BBQ, he would keep is KOSHER.

I sincerely hope Adam finds a way to meet with the boy and throw some meat on the grill.

It's not confirmed if Adam is making plans to join Grady in person, but Grady did receive a special call directly from Mr. Sandler. See Grady's face when he was on the phone with Adam here.

We're not sure exactly what was said during the call, but reports are that the two "hit it off."

Hopefully we'll be able to report the barbeque soon! Here's Grady's orginial YouTube video!