Nothing like child abuse to get you're marriage off on the right track!

I have stumbled upon quite a few hilarious / inappropriate things in my life. I guess that's what the internet is good for! However, today I found something with a little bit of everything. It's funny, it's inappropriate, it's ridiculous, it's crazy, it's insane, its TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! But it is true!

Shona Carter-Brooks and Johnathan Brooks of Jackson, Tennessee got married this weekend. They have a one-month-old daughter named Aubrey, and they wanted her to be involved in the wedding.

How to you get you're one month old involved? I'm not sure; I can say I've never been faced with this dilemma. What do you do?

I'm sure some moms may hold their child as they walk down the aisle. Maybe some make sure their young one is nearby and give them a Simba-like raise when they reach the alter. I don't know! What I do know is, this is a pretty crazy way of involvement.

They decided they would place the sleeping one-month-old child on the train of the bride's wedding gown! The baby, of course, would sleep on the dress as the bride struts her stuff down the aisle. They would say their I do's and live happily ever after. Yeah, right!

A picture has surfaced, and has set the internet ablaze! Of course the majority of folks aren't too happy with the bride's decision!

What do you think? Here's the controversial picture!