Ahhh! Spring is in the air (or slightly cooler Summer in Louisiana) and not only are the girls breaking out their skirts and sun dresses, the bachelorette parties are hitting the town! Wedding season is here and what girl doesn’t want to be sent out in style? The bachelorette party signifies a woman’s last chance to shake her butt without other woman saying, “Can you believe Sally is out there on the dance floor doing that?!?!? Whatever would her husband think???” Sally is the queen of the night (or day) for her bachelorette party and guess what? She SHOULD be!!! She’s got a ton of laundry to fold in her future (take it from a girl who knows). Plus, she’s only going to do this once (hopefully!)

With that being said, all brides-to-be are different. Some want something quiet and sedate; others want to get WILD! After all, it’s the only time it’s permissible to wear plastic phalluses attached to a veil and tiara (or in my case, a pink LSU visor) in public. In addition, outside of the confines of a bachelorette party, it’s generally frowned upon to have strange men suck Life Savers off of your shirt for shot money with the time honored tradition of ‘Suck for a Buck’… Just sayin’! As for the women who want a quiet, classy bachelorette party, I’m not sure that’s possible around here because every bachelorette party includes at least two ex-party girls who have since tied the knot, haven’t been out in months and are ready to PARTY!!! Think of the girl you saw last weekend dancing on her chair at the Grill… ‘nuff said… Regardless, on your bachelorette party, it’s YOUR night and I’ve gotten together with some of my favorite girls to create a guide for a perfect bachelorette party night out in the SBC!

Painting With A Twist
Casino/Spa DayHorseshoeEl DoradoDiamondJacksSam's Town
  • Central Station – There’s something about a gay bar that bachelorette parties LOVE! The drag shows on Friday and Saturday nights at midnight are great and play host to incredible talent. Plus, what group of girls doesn’t want to be surrounded by hotties? For the record, your husband can’t get pissed either. Why? You’re perfectly ‘safe’ and he won’t take you so tell him to enjoy poker night and put a sock in it! Plus, it’s well known Central Station has the best dance music in town; and since he won’t take you dancing, this is your chance ladies!
  • Phoenix Underground
    The Grill aka Superior Grill