Well... This is pretty cool!

Here we have a big ole bumblebee, stuck in a mean spiders web. The bee is HUGE in comparison to the spider. I'm sure this spider was grinning form spider ear to spider ear when he found this feast. Also, do spiders have ears?

Anyways, all hope seemed lost for this little guy. He was done, that spider was about to have a meal fit for a king. Until this crazy awesome super hero bee came to save the day.

This bee is a mixed martial arts master. A bee-ninja. If Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee had a bee baby, this would be him!

This bumblebro came out of nowhere at the last second, does some type of suicide dive then at the last moment, whips out his stinger and sticks it directly into this spider villain. I'm telling you, I've never seen anything like it in all my years of bee-watching.

Here's the video! It doesn't look like much in real time. Then the photographer slows it down and it is purely amazing! The photographer also stated that both bees lived, and the spider was never seen again.