Video Games to Play with Your Girlfriend!
The time has come where your girlfriend is sick of watching you destroy zombies and 12 year olds on call of duty. She wants to play but we all know that shooter games get boring pretty fast, at least for me. Tucker, the boyfriend, and I had a long talk about games that we can play together...
Cosmo Quiz with the Morning Madhouse
This morning I gave Carter and Brandon the ultimate quiz. "Which Disney Prince is Your Soulmate" Of course they took this seriously and thought long and hard on each question which ultimately resulted in them having Aladdin as their Soul Mate...
Carter Does His Wife’s Make-up
Today I took it upon myself to teach my wife how to apply her make-up. But more importantly that she can do it all in under 10 mins. Look at Drew's new supermodel look below..
Taylor Swift dating Zac Efron
Now that Taylor Swift and summer fling Tom Hiddleston have split up rumors are swirling about Taylor and Zac Efron dating! Taylor and Zac have been seen all around with each other and remember they worked together doing voice work on "The Lorax"...

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