I could have sworn I just paid $2 to see this same exact hog at the Louisiana State Fair.

A video has gone viral showing maybe the biggest hog I've ever seen in my life, wandering throughout a neighborhood. Seriously, this thing is so big, it almost looks like a Halloween decoration.

Naturally, the video was shot in Alabama, where all the big hogs come from. Phenix City, AL to be exact, and now we have to ask the question.... HOW THE HELL DID THIS MONSTER GET TO SOMEONE'S FRONT YARD???

It looks like it belongs in a traveling circus or something, yet here it is, wandering around houses in a neighborhood. This sucker is so big, it could probably provide bacon to every American twice.

No word on how they moved this big beast out of the neighborhood, but my guess is they needed a tractor to do it.

Check it out!