Every year, we agonize over what to get that special someone in our life. That perfect gift for the person that has it all! Well, what about the people you have to buy for that you don't particularly like? Ever thought of that? I have! Here's a list of surefire gifts that'll truly let them know, you're giving them something, but you don't like it!

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    Weight Loss

    There's nothing like getting someone a gym membership to make 'em feel bad. They can be the fittest person in the world and they'd still feel even a little insecure. Weight loss books and zumba programs would work too, which leads us to our next gift!

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    Self Help Books

    Want to really insinuate there's something wrong with them? Get 'em a self help book! These are even better gifts for women than men because a girl won't miss the implication!

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    Christmas Sweaters

    Nothing sucks worse than getting a Christmas sweater for Christmas. A. You'll never wear it. B. We live in Louisiana so even if it wasn't too hot to wear it, you still wouldn't wear it. It's a true punch in the nuts kind of gift! Even better, they have to say they like it and at least wear it once while you're around!

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    Magazine Subscriptions

    Nothing stinks like a magazine subscription to something you're not interested in. My mother would love a quilting magazine subscription, but I'd rather sit in a cardboard box than read one. I personally, I think knitting should make a come back, how about you? If it's domestic, you get to give them something they don't care about AND imply they just aren't 'Martha Stewart' enough! Ixnay this if it's something they actually like. Keith would love a golf magazine and I can't get enough of horse publications.

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    Online Dating

    If you really want to drive home the point you don't like someone and they're single, a membership to eHarmony would def do the trick. Or maybe a pass to a speed dating event. Perhaps a bridal magazine with a note saying, 'This is your year!' It's like a knife to the heart!

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