She has a new iTunes number one hit under her belt and a new, post-rehab outlook on life — and soon, Demi Lovato will have a new album, too.

During a recent live chat with fans, Lovato announced that her next album will be released September 20. According to Lovato, the new collection is “the coolest album I have ever done,” and will feature a bit of a sonic shift. As she put it, “I am showcasing my vocals more like I did on ‘Skyscraper.’”

During the chat, which saw her answering questions via Twitter, Lovato shared her thoughts on a variety of subjects, including her love for Billie Holiday, her views on the music industry, her musical training, and the making of the ‘Skyscraper’ video (“The song is raw and emotional, and I was vulnerable, so I didn’t want it to be glamorous.”)

The new album, which will be Lovato’s third full-length release, doesn’t have a title yet — at least, not one she’s sharing — but there’s always the next chat.