Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced yesterday for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Judge Michael Pastor kept referring to Dr. Murray’s documentary, where he said he did not feel guilty about Micheal’s death because he hadn’t done anything wrong, and it factored into the judge’s sentencing. He gave him the maximum sentence of 4 yearsbehind bars, but will be serving his time in county jail, instead of in prison, and will likely only have to serve 2 out of his 4 years due to the overcrowding problem in the LA jails. He was also ordered to pay an appropriate restitution to Michael’s kids and estate at a later time. The prosecution is asking that he pay $100 million, which is how much Michael would have earned if he’d been able to complete the concerts series that he had been rehearsing for when he died. The judge stated that it was irrelevant that Michael could have died under any other doctor’s care because he died due to the actions of Dr. Murray.

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