The Ready Set is ready and set to take the stage in the Red River District on Tuesday, May 20. How well do you know Jordan?


  • The Ready Set is Just One Guy

    Although the name, The Ready Set, would lead people to believe it is a band, it is really just one man. Jordan Witzigreuter is a solo act who travels the world with a backup band.

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  • The Concept was Born out of a Basement

    Jordan created the concept of The Ready Set in the basement of his childhood home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He wrote all of the songs, while recording and producing on his computer.

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  • He was Discovered by Fall Out Boy

    Two years after putting together this concept of The Ready Set, Jordan was discovered by Fall Out Boy. The band's bassist, Pete Wentz, signed him to his label Decaydance Records. It's not surprising since Jordan's flair is very much like Fall Out Boy.

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  • He Will Never Forget His First Show

    Jordan keeps his hometown of Fort Wayne near and dear to his heart. In fact, he remembers his very first gig. It was in a coffee show in the downtown area. He remembers the exposed brick wall he sat in front of. Jordan says it was just him, his guitar and a few people drinking coffee over conversation.

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  • He Went on Tour in His Own Car

    Jordan began his career completely on his own. He played for just $25 a night in various basements and small businesses. Jordan saved his money and instead of attending college, he took himself on tour in his own car. It's always been about the music for Jordan.

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