Fox announced Friday that due to the death of star Cory Monteith, who died last weekend of a drug overdose, they will postpone production of the upcoming season until early August. and will push back the show's season premiere to September 26, a week later than previously scheduled. reports that producers are considering keeping Monteith's character of Finn Hudson alive for at least a few episodes by using old footage.

A source involved with "Glee"'s production earlier this week told Hollywood Life, "It’s easy to say there will be a tribute episode, and the season will be dedicated in his honor. Cory will have a never-ending connection to the legacy of the show; it will be handled delicately and with the utmost respect. The whole situation is just completely awful, and those [issues] will be addressed…but its safe to say, in the current state people are in over his death, that it will take some time."

The show will face some stiff competition in its premiere week, including ABC's hit "Grey's Anatomy", and CBS's highly-anticipated comedy "The Crazy Ones", starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.