If there's one thing I would never do on a hydro-jet, it's show off. This guy learned that lesson the hard way.

You've seen these things before, they're pretty much a hover board for the water. They look like something Doc Ock from Spider-Man would be riding. They look like they're incredibly fun, but without a doubt hard to master.

One guy was taking a hydro-jet for a spin and trying to show off a little bit for the ladies.

Sadly, the only number he (probably) got was 9-1-1.

In the midst of his showboat, he completely tanked it and crashed into a DJ's set up on an upper deck near the water. He smoked it, then wen't tumbling down below the deck and out of our view.

If I was the DJ, I would have been furious, but I wouldn't able to help from laughing at this hilarious fail video.