The Kidd Kraddick show welcomed Hayden Panettiere, star of "Nashville," to the show. The actress has been in the industry for 23 of the 24 years she's been alive!

Kellie asked how she's avoided derailing like several other child stars. Is there a secret to growing up happy and healthy in Hollywood when you start acting at the age of one?

"I don't know know that there is [a secret]," said Panettiere. "As long as you start off loving what you do, and love what you do for the right reasons."

Hayden explained that she maintained her squeaky clean image and sanity by keeping herself surrounded by the right people.

"You just have to be smart," she said. "The key for me was keeping great people around me, surrounding myself with people who really had the best intentions for me and would tell me their genuine feelings and thoughts instead of painting a false picture."

Good advice!

Listen to the rest of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show's interview with Hayden Panettiere, which includes her favorite TV shows, below.