Twilighters rejoice I found a link to a HUUUUGGGGEEEEE picture in the story

Summit Entertainment has provided with a hi-res version of the first still from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, opening in theaters on November 18. You can view a much bigger version by clicking here or on the photo below!

via Hi-Res Version of the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Photo -

They broke this up into two parts? I can't see how that will work ... not much goes on in the book, right? Bella and Ed get married in a chapter then go honeymooning ... then she has a baby. Granted she almost dies but survives b/c she drinks blood while being preggo and human. Jacob falls in love with the baby and forms his own tribe. The Volturi show up and go "What the heck vampire babies?!?!" A stand off ensues and everybody goes their own way.

I guess never doubt Hollywood on stretching out a cash cow for all its worth.

My girlfriend and I agree ... making this movie and doing the book justice will be tough to pull off. (Even if I think this was the worst book in the series)