The title of this story says it all! Simply put, if you wear high heels to an ice rink, YOU WILL FALL. It's as simple as that. For several years, I hosted all of the Mudbugs home games at the CenturyLink Center. I wore the best Nike's money could buy, and I still fell about 40 times! If you find yourself in high heels, and you somehow decide to text your luck on ice, just hope there's not a camera around. This lady found out the hard way. I mean, the VERY hard way.

After the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup, they invited fans on the ice to celebrate! That sounds great and all, but what do you know, here comes miss priss in her high heels. You know whats about to go down. She's about to go down. It just so happens that as she makes her hilarious fall, she does it in the background of a live shot with a local news station.

Friends, this is no ordinary fall. This is a face-plant from hell!

It's 11 seconds of gold, enjoy!