Well the other day the lady Stifler (my wife) and I were looking at videos on cooking on the internet. We came across a video of how to make your own butter. Seemed easy enough. Take some heavy whipping cream, put it in a jar, shake it for 6 minutes, pour off the milk and what's left is butter. So, we decided to give it a shot.

If you watch the video you'll notice we add a bit too much cream, so I poured a bit off. We then shook the whole 6 minutes took off the lid poured off some, then shook for another few minutes until everything solidified.

The result? Nice creamy and smooth, even if unsalted, butter. At room temperature it spreads like ... well butter, silky and smooth. We've since stuck it in the fridge and it hardened up like normal butter, but when you go cut into it, it acts more like high quality butter rather than country crock or land o lakes. Hard to describe.

Long story short for the price of heavy whipping cream ($2.50ish?) we got a mountain of butter.