Charlie Sheen is back to his old partying ways. His ex-wife Brooke Mueller just went back to rehab after a four day binder at his house, although her lawyer denies that she had a relapse… Maybe she just went back for exhaustion?

Well now that Charlie has some down time since the first season of filming for ‘Anger Management’ has wrapped up, he’s gone back to his hard partying ways. Sources told TMZ that he is partying at all hours of the day, there are random vehicles parked everywhere and scantily clad women that stay for days and leave in the same clothes they came in. Charlie was asked if he was using drugs again and this was his answer- “I can’t speak to anyone’s opinion or judgment. I was there, they were not. Their tepid hearsay is a baseless static drone, a mantra, a theme. I refuse to be held hostage by their ‘constitutional’ privilege, to judge those who can and who do.”

That wasn’t a denial… Sounds like he is on the Tiger Blood again.

Who’s going to be the first one to have a public meltdown again- Charlie Sheen or Britney Spears?