So this morning, I was listening to Kidd Kraddick and they did a bit... If you loved me you would... fill in the blank. The very first caller said, "If you loved me you'd stop sleeping with my mom." And with that, everything came to a screeching halt. I know they were looking for something light hearted and funny, but what they got was reality. It's true, if he loved her, he WOULD stop sleeping with her mom. I guess he doesn't love her and frankly this story is bizarre beyond belief. I mean come on!!! He slept with her because she lost weight and her mother was heavier? I want to live in that alternate universe. I'd be the hottest thing out there! And just think... no more dieting. How cool would it be to say to your girl friends, "He loves my hail damage... wait'll I tell you what happened next!" They'd have to totally rewrite Sex and the City. Can you imagine fat Carrie?

Kellie even mentions she really wanted to make the segment less heavy. But when you really think about it, love can be heavy. It IS heavy. With Valentine's Day approaching, it really made me think about what love really is.

Later in the conversation, Kellie hit the nail on the head for me. Love is thinking about them even when they're not around... Looking for opportunities to do something they would like before they have to say a thing. Her example was a Payday candy bar. Her ex used to to randomly pick her up a Payday when he'd run into the convenience store to pay for gas, whatever. Although it's a small gesture, it's proof that the one you love is thinking of you when you're not around. I like that. I like that a lot. I used to pick up cards for Keith just because. I haven't done that in forever. Maybe I need to start again. When I'm at Brookshire's or Wal*Mart, I make sure to get him Doritos and Chunky Chips Ahoy and Fruity Pebbles because that's what he likes... And I like taking care of him and making him happy, but I could definitely do more. After all, expressing your love through Fruity Pebbles is a bit weak if that's all you've got! Of course, this can get one sided in relationships and that's when a boot up the backside comes into play;) But seriously, I'm going to try and do better. I don't want this to be a once a year thing. With that being said, how would you complete the phrase, "If you loved me you would..."