It seems to me there are a lot of artists that were big back in the day, that are now attempting a musical comeback.

I received this album in the mail today. I had almost forgotten who Jesse McCartney is.

When I was fairly young, the young, blonde, Jesse McCartney was the huge heartthrob. It seemed his musical career saw no bounds. And today, I held this album in my hand trying to remember exactly who he is and what songs he was known for.

That being said, Hilary Duff is another artist who is attempting a comeback.

Yeah, Lizzie McGuire.

She is currently working on an album and is promoting her first single off of it as we speak. I honestly thought she would never get into a studio again.

Music seems to ebb and flow. It also seems to recycle itself. A lot of what is hot these days has a feel of 80's and 90's pop.

It honestly makes me feel old.

However, if music is beginning to fold back onto itself again, maybe it's the perfect time for people like Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney to get back in the game. I mean, I am all for people doing what they love and what they are passionate about regardless of outside factors.

But if Aaron Carter decides to do music again... We all need a reality check.