One of the craziest and funniest music videos we've seen in a while comes from...a credit union?

Shreveport's Aneca Federal Credit Union released a music video for the song "Swagger Boost" -- which, if you've heard it already, you know is a super catchy song.

Confession: I didn't know actually know until today that the song was, well, an actual song. I just thought it was a jingle in the Aneca commercial. Nope, turns out it's a full, three-minute song and it is LEGENDARY!

I actually got to meet James Palmer, who wrote and performed the song "Swagger Boost" for Aneca. Awesome dude.

My friend Clint McCommon with Fairfield Studios shot the music video to accompany the track. The result? One of the best things I've seen here in town.

You gotta check it out!