Jennifer Lopez is still playing coy about whether or not she’s going to stay with American Idol for another season. She pretty much used the show to relaunch her career and now she’s ready to walk to away from it. But it wasn’t her idea to leave Idol. It was her boyfriend Casper Smart’s idea and J.Lo’s advisers are ticked off that she’s taking advice from him.

Jennifer’s saying that she’s quitting because she is so overworked. Casper told her that she needed a break and she was overworked from all the movies, music, mother duties and Idol. He convinced her that Idol was a throw away job and she listened to him. But really, he was just worried about all of the young competition on Idol. All the young contestants would flirt with J.Lo and he was afraid that some other young hottie would catch her eye. Now that she doesn’t have Idol to worry about, she will have more time to focus on their relationship. Casper wants to make sure that he’s not going anywhere and he has J.Lo’s full attention.