Would it really take divine intervention for Jason Derulo to date again?

It seems a tad bit confusing, since Jason Derulo is the one who called off his relationship with Jordin Sparks, that he would be so against dating anyone else anytime soon. It appears Jordin, whom he dated more than three years, has moved on with Sage the Gemini, but Jason remains single.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Jason said it would take a miracle to get him into another relationship.


He said he is enjoying getting to know people. But don't expect Jason to sign up for Tinder anytime soon. He rejects the app, preferring the gym instead to meet women.

He's not bitter about dating, just focused. Boasting that he's not looking for anything serious, he says he is married to his career at the moment. Most of his time is spent in the studio, working the "muscle" that is songwriting.

Jason said he wrote more than 100 tracks for his new album, Everything is 4, which comes out June 2. It features collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, Meghan Trainor, and Jennifer Lopez.