I remember a year ago, I was DJing at a downtown club, when all of a sudden a friend of mine ran to the DJ booth frantically. I knew something was up. It was about one in the morning when he told me the news.

My friend said "Dude, you gotta read this, is the legit??" So I grab his phone and read an article posted just minutes before claiming that radio legend Kidd Kraddick had passed away.

I told him no chance, that's gotta be fake.

In my mind, Kidd Kraddick was untouchable, invincible, immortal even. He was simply the epitome of what anyone in our business should strive to be.

So I kept DJing and checking my phone after every song. Refreshing google as I searched things like "Kidd Kraddick Death", "Is Kidd Kraddick Dead?", "Kidd Kraddick Death Hoax". After hours of searching, I came to the realization that this was for real.

We lost him.

I was upset that night thinking about what we lost. Kidd Kraddick was way more than some guy on the radio. Anyone that listened to at least one show would agree with that. He was a giver beyond belief and now it's time for us to live like Kidd.

He believed strongly in paying it forward. So to honor Kidd, we're asking you "Do It For Kidd" this weekend with random acts of kindness. You can read all about it HERE.

I just couldn't wait. I found myself in the drive-thru of McDonalds and knew I had to do something!

Here's the video! I'll post another random act of kindness tomorrow so make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube channel!