Jennifer Lopez thought this divorce was going to be quick and painless, but that was before she ticked off her soon-to-be ex hubby Marc Anthony. They are in the process of negotiating terms of a settlement before officially filing for a divorce, so it’s really not a good time to get on his bad side. But after a heated argument, Marc backed out of this week’s filming for their show ‘Q’Viva: The Chosen’ and is considering quitting it all together. J.Lo and Marc got into a huge fight while she was in Morocco with her new young boyfriend, 24 year old Casper Smart. Marc told Jennifer that she needed to act like a respectable mother and quit parading that boy toy around the kids. The argument was so intense that he called up the producer Simon Fuller to tell him that Jennifer would have to film the show alone this week and he might be quitting for good. Marc told Simon that he ‘quite simply could not work with Jennifer’.

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