The Jersey Shore crew may be limited in what they are allowed to do while filming in Italy, but you can always count on some drama, and this season is already sounding juicy. Ronnie and Sami’s relationship seems to be back on following an explosive breakup last season. The couple has been photographed around Italy holding hands and kissing. Mike the Situation can’t stand their fighting and is the only one in the house that verbalizes his distaste in their rocky relationship. Well it appears that Ronnie and the Situation got into a fist fight over an argument with Sammi. The Situation was on the losing end, has black eyes and had to receive medical attention, and Ronnie has his hand bandaged up. MTV is covering up the whole incident, saying this was just an accidental injury. Either MTV is trying to not draw any more negative attention in a country that already doesn’t want them, or just saving it up for an explosive season.

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