Jessica Biel may have a ring on her finger, but she still doesn’t trust her man. She accepted Justin Timberlake’s proposal, but she’s still haunting by his infidelities, including an alleged tryst with Olivia Munn. So before she marries this man, she needs to guarantee that he’s not going to be the next Jesse James.

Jessica is insisting that their prenup includes a fidelity clause that states that Justin will give her $500k if he strays during their marriage.

Justin doesn’t want to sign the prenup on her terms. He is offering her a cash settlement with no fidelity clause or alimony, but Jessica won’t budge.

She also wants to hold of on a starting a family because she doesn’t want to have kids with a cheater. She said that if he is faithful for several years that she might consider having a baby. But she’s afraid that if she gets fat during her pregnancy that he may cheat again.