When rapper Kanye West took to Twitter and attacked late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel over an interview parody, plenty of people instantly thought it was fake -- a big joke that the consummate prankster would reveal days later. But now we aren't so sure.

Following the initial exchange, the rapper called out Kimmel for having a "funny face" and not being as funny as (ex-wife) Sarah Silverman. Clearly, a lot of effort was put into these insults. Some of West's tweets even contained some -- shocker! -- R-rated material.

In case you missed it, the whole Internet fight started when Kimmel mocked an interview West had done with BBC Radio this week by filming a reenactment of it with little children standing in as West and interviewer Zane Love.

West referred to that interview as the "first piece of honest media in years" -- and we're guessing he was dead serious.

So, what do you think? Elaborate joke/hoax, or legit beef?