Don Gotterba, that male pilot that said he had a six-year affair with John Travolta, is going to release a tell-all book about their affair.

Don worked for Travolta for many years back in the 80’s and they were lovers the whole time. There’s even supposed to be this home video of them. Eventually, Don grew tired and grossed out by John. He said that John’s weight would always fluctuate between movies and he never took care of his unruly body hair, so he decided to cut off their relationship, personally and professionally.

Well now Don is ready to tell all of the dirty details of their intimate relationship in a book. He already has two writers lined up to help him tell his story and they say that this book could be a marriage ender!

Now this all took place before John married Kelly Preston but they said that his wife is already so embarrassed about this ongoing scandal and a detailed book about his 6 year gay affair would be the deal-breaker.

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