If you have a fresh ink, you have something in common with Justin Bieber! Glee's 100th episode is tonight we're shaking our jazz hands. And Carson Daily's house is bracing for baby no. 3! Get an ice cream cone ready, because here's today's big scoop.

Justin Bieber gets ink for the last time?

Bieber getting a tattoo seems like an everyday occurrence. Recently, he revealed that he attempted a world record by getting "forgive" tattooed on his stomach. Well, he's got tattoos from his elbows to his wrists now. Maybe this kind of news story from Justin will chill for a bit, as he says he is done with getting new tattoos for a bit! [See pics of his sleeve here, honestly I think it's great work.]

Glee's 100th episode preview

If you're a Gleek this is old news, but hey 100 episodes don't happen for every series. The popular high school musical based comedy show thing (that I've never watched but the Lady Stifler digs) is having it's 100th episode tonight. [See and hear the songs now!]

Carson Daily 3rd time father

Yesterday the news was all about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher expecting, well today it's about Carson Daily and his fiance Siri Pinter expecting their third child together! Exciting times. [Learn more about the happy couple.]