Kim Kardashian’s wedding day is quickly approaching. Just ask her fiancé Kris Humphries. He tweeted yesterday in an ominous sounding message ‘Time is moving so fast’. Getting cold feet, worried about Reggie Bush trying to steal Kim back, or is Kris Jenner just trying to run your life? Welcome to the Kardashian clan Kris!

The wedding is only 9 days away. And Reggie Bush realizes he is losing the love of his life. According to Life and Style magazine, he has been begging Kim to take him back! He is telling her that she is making a huge mistake and has been blowing up her phone trying to convince her to change her mind!

In the meantime, Kris Jenner is being the meddling mother-in-law. She actually told the groom-to-be that Kim was not becoming a Humphries, that he was becoming a Kardashian and he needed to deal with that! Ever since Kris popped the question, the evil mother-in-law has been trying to run his life just like she does Kim’s!

Kris actually isn’t allowed to make many decisions. When Kris Jenner isn’t bossing him around, Kim is. Kris and his family has been completely left out of making any wedding decisions. Kris wasn’t even allowed to pick his own groomsmen. His family is not impressed with the way they all have been treated so far.

And lastly, the other Kardashian sisters don’t seem very happy with their bridesmaid dresses. They were photographed leaving their fitting, and they looked miserable. Kim has picked out these ugly dresses, supposedly they are a pinky-eggplant color and way too short. Kim just simply cannot be upstaged at her own wedding extravaganza.

So will this wedding go off without a hitch? So far, it sounds like a nightmare.

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