Katy Perry's next purchase has quite a few people praying it doesn't happen.

When you think of Katy Perry, you think sex appeal. I mean, who else has shot whipped cream out of their bra? So why in the world would one of the most voluptuous women on the planet want to buys...

A convent?

Apparently to make it her home. It's no secret Katy was raised in a devout Christian home.

Jose, Gomez, a Los Angeles Archbishop is considering selling his convent to the pop singer. At least two of the sisters are doing what they can to prevent it. They believe that they own it, so they have signed it over to a local restaurateur for $15.5 million to prevent a deal with Katy Perry. However, the Archbishop says only he can sell the property, which he could make $14.5 million in doing so.

I guess the decision will be left to, not just divine intervention, but the court as well.