Another week, another elimination. This time, Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and her partner, Louis van Amstel, had their goodbye dance after they were officially voted off Dancing With the Stars.

Kendra probably would have liked to gone all the way to the finals, but she insists she's ready to go back to her main gig: mommyhood! "I'm happy. I mean, there was no reason to cry tonight. I'm happy because I get to be a mom again," she told us excitedly.

And of course, there was the usual gushing about the partner that made it all possible. "I am so thankful for being on Dancing With the Stars and being partners with Louie. He really held on with me. He never gave up. I am so thankful that we ended this way and not the Viennese Waltz way."

But all that gratefulness didn't stop Louis from scolding her one last time about her "stripper moves," which Kendra agreed was not the best thing to do with the dress she had on. "The stripper moves were coming out," Louis complained with a sigh.

Kirstie Alley, who is safe yet again, revealed that she thought that she was the one getting the boot this week. "I was really afraid. And I was so afraid that it put me in a different mindset. Next week, I am going to be the best dancer." When we complimented Kirstie on her weight loss, she joked that she wouldn't be satisfied until people were saying she was too skinny. " When someone tells me to eat a sandwich, I'm home."

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