Lea Michele was a little too happy on the red carpet with Ashton Kutcher last week for the premiere of their new movie ‘New Years Eve’. She was flirting and caressing him like a love sick schoolgirl but she’s not denying that she has a huge crush on him. She even mentioned this crush in a recent interview, saying that Ashton is ‘the hottest guy’ and she felt like he was out of her league until they actually got to hang out. She even bravely asked Ashton to hang out with her and her big Italian family on New Year’s Eve, but he politely turned her down by saying he didn’t know what his plans were yet.

But not everyone’s encounter with Ashton has left such a lovely lasting impression. Sara Leal, who gave a candid interview following her affair with Ashton, is now crying to the media that the scandal nearly ruined her life. She says that she got fired from her job as administrative assistant, kicked out of her apartment, shunned by her friends and her father, and received many disturbing phone calls.