A few weeks ago, I had to undergo a medical procedure. It was one of those scope things where they look at your insides and tell you why you've been miserable for the last few weeks. I kind of felt out of place...I was hearing these people around me asking where to put their false teeth and talking about other abnormal functions that I really didn't want to know about.

Well, the thing is, they put you into this altered state of reality that doesn't really knock you out, but has the same effect as a night of fun downtown minus the next day headache and fun.

So, who do I take to this? My mom. Why not? I mean, she's my mom... I trust her and she would do anything for me, right? Well, someone should have warned me about this. Not only did I tell her about the Christmas present I had planned to get her, but I also apparently embarrassed myself at my favorite local restaurant.

You know, I love the convenience of drive thru... especially when I haven't eaten in like 18 hours. But some local drive thru have you sign a receipt and they have a tip line. Now, logically, I understand they probably use the same program for their printout receipts for their dine-in restaurant, and I have never said anything before... I have even given a dollar or two in the drive thru as a tip. But for some reason, I felt it was a good idea to talk about it passionately.

My friend, Heather, was driving (thank God), and as she handed me the clipboard with my ticket to sign, I said something to the effect of, "I don't understand why I need to tip in a drive thru, it's not like you're giving me a refill on some tea. Can I sit in the parking lot and ask for napkins if I give a few bucks, REALLY?"

Somewhere in the middle of this rant, the cashier showed back up. And realizing she heard what I said, I left another tip. They seriously should keep you in hiding after a procedure like that. I apparently shouldn't play with others when I don't have my verbal filter. Super Fail.