Yuck! I'll say it again... Yuck! I love the fact that the temperatures are warming up and that Spring is here, but I could do without all of the sticky, all-pervasive pollen that comes with it. It's bad enough that it leaves everything in it's path a sickly yellowish green shade. Pollen season also makes me feel like I should invest in a car wash... Just saying! My pretty grey car is a nasty shade and I don't like it! I don't even want to think of trying to clean my patio table up. (Hint, just using the water hose doesn't work!) Add that to the dogs tracking it in on their paws and it's enough to make you cry, 'Mercy!'

Heaven forbid you forget your Claritin or Zyrtec in Louisiana in April! If you do, it's a one way trip to misery-ville! Even with allergy medications, it can still be tough for some of us.

While the pollen has been rated as high today, it's supposed to be 'very high' this weekend, despite the impending rain. You just gotta love the South!