#LiesToldByFemales is trending on Twitter. So I'm calling out women everywhere, including myself. Feel free to add your own to the list!


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    I'm fine

    "I'm fine", "It's okay", "Don't worry about it" or phrases of the sort, are lies. We're not fine, it's not okay and you most certainly should be worried about it. The worst part about this lie is that half the time we don't even know we're doing it. We've used the phrase so many times to cover up our feelings (so as not to be the crazy person you say we are) that we use it for times when we are actually, indeed, fine. You're better off just assuming we don't mean it and then do anything and everything to make it better.

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    I Love That

    We love a lot of things as women. Many things are also our favorite. We're excitable beings and we find ourselves passionate about a lot of things. We've overused these words so often that they come out at times when we don't really mean it. We like ice cream, but we love you. Wait, who are we kidding, we LOVE ice cream.

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    I'll Just Have One Bite

    If it's sugar-coated, fried or covered in chocolate, there's no way we can have just one bite.

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    I Only Weigh...

    We've all lied about our weight at one point or another. Most of the time it is on our driver's license. The only place we can't lie is at the doctor's office (which I swear they add five pounds just to make you mad). The one thing I never understood is why would we lie about weighing less. This usually causes people to automatically think you're heavier. So why not lie about weighing more? This would induce a "There's no way you weigh that much" response. Or as I've been told, "You must have great muscle density!" I know... weird.

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    I Just Threw This Together

    Whether it's dinner, our outfit or a party, we never just "throw something together." As women, we are constantly thinking, planning and hosting. The best metaphor I heard for a woman's mind is that of a computer. We constantly have tabs open on the internet and windows open. It's difficult for us to close these windows and tabs, we merely minimize them. Therefore, everything has been thought about or planned in some form or fashion with other people in mind. Someone's got to do it, right?

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