Do not, I repeat DO NOT, try to touch this guy's nachos.

A video has gone viral showing a man heroically defend his snack of choice. The video was captured on security cameras at a Houston restaurant. Not much is known about the backstory here, but quite frankly, I'm not sure it's useful.

Who the man is and what he did wrong leading up to this point is a mystery, but his ninja-skills are well documented.

As he's walking near the bar, a woman rushes up to him. Immediately, he guards the nachos as they are clearly his most prized possession. She had her eyes on those nachos from the jump, and worked ferociously to slap them out of his hand.

He was having none of this, and stoically moved the nachos out of her grasp at every attempt.

Finally, though, he had enough, and knew what needed to be done.

He sacrificed his greatest love to neutralize the threat, as he slammed the nachos in her face, sending her to the ground.

You have to see this!