The trial of Doctor Conrad Murray is getting international attention as attorneys began presenting opening arguments today. Jury selection took place last week.  Attorney's for the state say Murray is guilty in the death of Jackson. They started the trial off in what some would call a morbid and shocking way. They showed pictures of a dead Michael Jackson on a gurney.  My office mate, Erin McCarty, has already gotten the picture of a dead Michael Jackson twice today via text message. They even played audio of an incoherent Jackson talking about his upcoming London show. I don't know about you, but when I listen to the audio, it makes me sad... No one's quality of life should be allowed to suffer to this level. I also didn't realize this trial would garner so much attention. Would you stay home to watch this trial?

Listen to an incoherent Michael Jackson

The prosecution wrapped up opening arguments this morning. Dr. Murray is seen near tears several times during the opening of the trial. His attorneys are now trying to present his side of the story. The trial is being televised worldwide.

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