Miley Cyrus let her mouth run rampant in London over the weekend. She's now backtracking saying it was not about her ex-fiance.

Miley Cyrus is hot on the Bangerz Tour trail. This past weekend she had a show at a club called G.A.Y. Right as she was introducing the song "Wrecking Ball", her words went wild.

To sum it all up, and quite frankly clean up the language, Cyrus said she loves that the songs has become so popular because now the guy who broke her heart has to hear it all the time.

Totally talking about Liam Hemsworth, right?

Cyrus says, not so fast people, as seen in a series of recent Tweets. Oh, and may we remind you that opening Cyrus' Twitter is like opening Pandora's Box. You never know what you're going to find. We apologize if something unexpected pops up... Proceed with caution.