Comedian Nick Swardson will be on stage at the Majestic Theater on April 12th.

You know him. He has been in multiple movies: Bucky Larson, Grandma's Boy, The Benchwarmers, 30 Minutes or Less, Grown Ups 2, and many more. He has had several stand up specials including "Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted?" and "Taste It".

He recently posted on Instagram is upcoming tour dates. Check out the line up in the picture below.

Explaining the caption: He previously posted a photo of his tour dates and excluded the top of the list which mentioned his visit to Dallas, Tx. Just bad aiming with the camera on his part.

Now, I will warn you if you have not seen any of his work be prepared for adult humor. I wouldn't bring kids to this event, and they probably wouldn't let them in the door to begin with. He can be a bit (very) vulgar with language and his imagery. However, if you find that absolutely hilarious then you are in for a treat.